Cloud "Deus Ex Machina" CD (2018)
Wolftooth "Wolftooth" CD (2018)
River Cult "Halcyon Daze" CD/Cassette (2018)
Jakethehawk "Year of the Hawk" (2018)
Enhailer "Dumb Enough to Care" CD/Cassette (2017)
o Heiðrún"The Human Voice is a Disease" CD (2017)
Fist Fight in the Parking Lot "714" CD (2017)
Molasses Barge S/T CD (2017)
Del Rios "Blood River" CD (2017)
Enhailer "Grisaille" debut CD (2016)
Horehound S/T debut CD (2016)
blackseed No Kill Compilation Vol.1 CD(2014)
Raven "Sweating Blood" Cassette(2013)
Agathocles/ HOGRA 7" split(2013)
オキシコドン(Oxycodone) Cassette(2013)
Zaïmph/o Heiðrún (2013)
Last Rape/HOGRA Split Cassette(2013)
o Heiðrún/HOGRA Split Cassette(2013)
Raven "The Curse" Mini Disc (2013)
Cock E.S.P./HOGRA split cassette (2013)
Dead Body Collection- Wall Horizon(2013) 
hEXTERIA-Navidson (2013)
MACRONYMPHA/HOGRA 7" Split Vinyl (2013)
VOMIR/HOGRA 7" Split Vinyl (2013)
HOGRA Erased CD (R)ecord EP (2012)