Pittsburgh natives CLOUD bring a stoner, doom, sludge mix through their instrumental arrangements in this six track, Deus Ex Machina.

CDs available May 25th via blackseed records and additional formats available to come from the band itself.


Previews and Pre-orders also available.


Wolftooth came crashing in late 2017 to devastate our hearts with thrilling riff-ripping and all around attention grabbing compositions. Charting on Doom Charts and getting attention in the Stoner Rock scene as well, Wolftooth are just metal musicians through and through.

CD and Cassette release on Blackseed Records with a vinyl release via Cursed Tongue Records.

The Obelisk Track Preview and Review

Wolftooth Bandcamp


Why haven't you heard of this band that Blackseed has decided to not only get on board with their first release of their debut 'Year of the Hawk' but have agreed to sign up for their next record, too? Because we're announcing it the day of the digital launch and CD release...Today! They are just starting out and taking first impressions seriously.

Inundating the Pittsburgh scene with their blend of grunge-inspired desert/stoner rock, JakeTheHawk has been moving audiences and peers alike with their unique sound and exceptionally original songwriting. Comprised of two sets of brothers, Jordan Lober (drums), Justin Lober (bass), Cam Ferranti (guitar), and Jake Ferranti (guitar/vocals), their sound is an amalgam of the influences each set of brothers was raised on. Reminiscent of the evil, bluesy riffs of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats and the charging, fuzzed out rhythms of Kyuss, JakeTheHawk pull in the familiar to create their own voice in the desert/stoner rock genre.

JakeTheHawk will be releasing their debut album Year of the Hawk on CD and online via experimental/heavy underground label, Blackseed Records. The album will be available via Blackseed Records and Bandcamp on January 26th, 2018.

Brooklyn's River Cult Signs For CD and Cassette Release

Bursting on to the scene with a highly acclaimed self-titled EP in 2016, Brooklyn NY’s River Cult are amassing a loyal following with their unique style.  Pulling inspiration from Sleep, Neurosis, and Pentagram, River Cult’s songs are modern, yet authentic hunks of Heavy Psych, Doom/Stoner rock.  

Fusing atmospheric jams, gritty vocals, and garage rock eminence, River Cult are poised to keep riding the wave of their heavy jams to further praise in 2018, with a recording reminiscent of the Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind oeuvre.  In collaboration with Blackseed Records, the independent heavy underground label based in Pittsburgh, River Cult will unleash their debut full-length, "Halcyon Daze", on February 5th, 2018.  

Blackseed Records will release “Halcyon Daze” on both CD and limited-edition cassette. A harmonic release to coincide with a vinyl issuance on Nasoni Records (Berlin), these limited black-matte cassettes are capped at 50 hand-numbered copies.


Blackseed Teams Up Again with Akron, Ohio’s Enhailer Offering an Eighteen Minute Track via CD and Cassette ‘Dumb Enough to Care’.

It may seem a release this length would be considered short, but once your ears tune in, it serves up a delectable feast to entice hard doom lovers and progressive stoner rockers alike. This presents a darker, more abrasive Enhailer. Vocals added in just the right places gives variance from their initial, almost completely instrumental debut. ‘Dumb Enough to Care’ is officially available Monday, December 11th, 2017. Enhailer will confirm its release party in their home town as well as in Pittsburgh, (the home of Blackseed Records) in early winter.


Going Dark with Vocal Noise Artist, o Heiðrún

“Dark, brooding soundscapes, and eerie, atmospheric noise combine for a truly unique auditory journey.”

Next up on Blackseed Records is the all-vocal, noise solo artist, o Heiðrún, with a compilation of all songs recorded to date. “The Human Voice is a Disease” has six tracks that can be found on previously released cassettes, CDs, and vinyl, featuring other experimental noise artists such as Zaimph, HOGRA, Agathocles and Vomir. The digital release is available now via and physical copies on disc will be released 8/15/17.

Though the material was never really intended to be a live experience, there have been very short and exclusive performances supporting acts such as Author & Punisher, Muscle and Marrow, Sister Grotto, and Tylean Polley.

The sound can be described as layers of clean and distorted vocal tracks with no real lyrics or writing of any sort. It’s soft and harsh, clean and dirty, raw and emotional, yet bleak. Listening is the only real way to find a way to relate to or understand the offering. The music is not for everyone—a fact about which o Heiðrún is unapologetic.

While o Heiðrún has not been consistently active in recent years, this release is the very reboot as the artist. The inimitable Shy Kennedy (ex-Bonfire Night and Horehound) will be opening the night with the next live performance of o Heiðrún in her hometown of Pittsburgh at Club Café along with Brown Angel for the infamous hip hop noise pioneers Dälek. Currently recording new material for a winter release, it is exciting to see this torture-driven project come back to life.

On July 28th, 2017 Blackseed Will Have a Dual Release!

Molasses Barge issues their second album of original, rock-laden doom with a bonus disc of covers featuring such inspirations as Motorhead, Pentagram, Black Sabbath, and Yardbirds).

Fist Fight in the Parking Lot are also ready to rip as they take a more deliberate, stoner metal approach to their sound. This one slows down but the heavy is there. It's almost here!

Del Rios' Blood RIver CD Release Comes June 1st, 2017

Available on Blackseed as well as bandcamp.

CD Release Party on 6/9/17 at the legendary Gooskis of Polish Hill, Pittsburgh.


On September 30th, 2017 the first ever Descendants of Crom, All day festival will be held at Cattivo Nightclub in Pittburgh, Pennsylvania.

The event has two floors with a stage on each floor. Seventeen bands will rotate on each floor from 2PM to 2AM. Vendors and Merchandise from many labels, bands, and other related will be available. 

More information and tickets can be found at: Descendants of Crom

Next Release Comes September 2016

Blackseed is excited to announce the signing of the mighty, Enhailer! (OH, USA) Look forward to the re-release of their debut album, Grisaille, on CD in September. More news to come. In the meantime go like their page and check out their Bandcamp!


It's Out!

The debut S/T album from Horehound is available on bandcamp and on blackseed in both digital and CD issue.

JJ Koczan's, The Obelisk's Quartely Review:
Pittsburgh newcomers Horehound formed just last year, so one might go into their self-titled debut full-length thinking it’s an early arrival, but in an unpretentious seven-track/33-minute collection of straightforward but engaging doom rockers, the five-piece demonstrate a clear idea of what they want to do sonically. While it may not represent where they’ll ultimately end up as a band, its songs sound fleshed out in terms of direction and the resultant feel on the release is much more album than demo. So be it. A particular highlight is “The Waters of Lethe,” on which a sweeter melody emerges in the guitar and vocals, but neither will I discount the low-end crunch and vocal call-and-response in closer “Waking Time” or the more uptempo thrust of second cut “Sangreal.” Not that Horehound don’t have room to grow, but their initial offering preaches well to the converted and should give them a solid foundation to work from in that process.

Blackseed to release the debut, self-titled CD of Horehound on 4/20/2016